Route 4

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On this route, you will take the northern part of the country through the densely populated suburb of Bwaise.From here you will head north wards through Luwero district up to Nakasongola district which is the proud home of the only country’s existing rhinos at Ziwa rhino sanctuary. You will trek these wild animals and then afterwards head north wards where you will see other attractions like the artificial forest of Katuugo, R.Kafu, Karuma falls until you get to Murchison falls national park shared by 3 districts of Masindi, Packwach and Nwoya.This park has almost every animal this country boasts of especially the big five and your visit here will be worthwhile.

Travel Plan

Day 1: Drive to Murchison falls national park

This first day of this route will see you take the Northern part of the country through the various districts of Luwero and Nakasongola where you will have to branch off to the only country’s sanctuary for the rare rhinos at Zziwa rhino sanctuary. You will track these animals for one hour and then have your lunch and some refreshments.Then you will proceed with your journey to the North through river Kafu and Karuma falls.Then you will get into Murchison falls national park through the chichumba nyobo gate.You will just check in your accommodation for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Game drive & Boat cruise

On this day you will wake up very early in the morning and have a cup of tea. Then you will go for an early morning game drive before 7:00AM before the early risers return to their dens from their night escapades. Such animals include the big five like elephants,lions,leopards,Buffaloes and others like warthogs,oribi,antelops,giraffes plus various bird species. Then you will go for lunch and some refreshments. In the evening you will jump on to the boat and go for a boat cruise on this water body. This boat cruise will reward you with various animals especially the aquatic life like crocodiles, hippopotamus and other terrestrial animals that will have ascended down to this water body for water drinking. By this time, it will be already late and you will have to go back to your hotel and overnight.

Day 3: Top of the falls & drive to Kampala

On this last day of this route, you will wake up very early in the morning and go to the top of the falls where you will encounter the amazing flow of water. The experience here is very amazing as it is here that river Nile pours its water into this water channel and the velocity and speed of water here is very terrific. You will get out of this experience at around 10:00 AM and then embark on your journey back to Kampala with en-route lunch. You will reach in Kampala in the evening and this will mark the end of this route.

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