Self Drive Vacation Advice

Car Rental in Uganda for private Guided Safari Vacation advises and tips to independent Explorer that wish to adventure East Africa on their Own. Here you can compare car rentals in Uganda and find a cheap car but Uganda Car Rental Ranks the best.

For the best and most complete vacation in Uganda drive the whole Uganda yourself. Be sure to drive to see these attractions on (and off) Route 1 on your own voyage of discovery.

Definition of Terms and Concepts as used at Uganda Car Rental.

Hirer: is the firm that is hiring the Car out (Uganda Car Rental)

Renter; the person that is hiring a car from Uganda Car Rental

Driver: is the person that has a driving license.

Park Rangers: These are Uganda Wildlife Authority Park Security Guards that are responsible for the security in the Park, They act as rangers for Independent Explorers that wish to hire them at 20 $$$ and they are found in every National Park and Game Reserves.

Self Drive Safari Activities.

When you think of visiting East Africa ? expect to encounter the following safari Activities like Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzees Tracking, Game drives , Boat and Cultural Engagement,mountaineering, white water rafting and Birding , Rhino Tracking,Golden Monkey Tracking, Nature Walk, Hike Falls,Spot Fishing and Many others due to the fact that Uganda is endowed with over 50 Tourists Destinations.

Should I take a Driver/ Guide  on my Vacation

If the traveler selects to hire a driver from Uganda Car Rental and that is an Extra Service that will cost him/her 30-35 Dollars Per Day and this will cover everything from Allowance. All Guides/ Drivers from Uganda Car Rental have Secured UWA Pass to enter all the National Parks.

Where is Gorilla Trekking Experience Encountered.

Wishing to undertake Gorilla Trekking while on Self Drive Safari in Uganda or Rwanda! Mountain Gorillas in Africa are only found in four  National Parks of Uganda and Rwanda Plus Congo. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest & Mgahinga National Park are all located in the South Western Uganda Where there are over 88 Gorilla Trekkers per day, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Congo. However the Gorilla Trekking Experience with a rented car from Uganda Car Rental is Allowed in Uganda and Rwanda due to the limit of the Company fleets operation. Refer to the Frequently asked questions about Car Hire.

How can I secure Gorilla Trekking for Gorilla Adventure

Uganda Car Rental offers free Gorilla Permit booking in Uganda and Rwanda due to the fact that they are backed up by a Safari Company. Gorilla Permits in Uganda costs USD 600 during peak season, 350 USD during low season of April, May,November and for Rwanda side it costs USD 750

Where can i Do the Boat Cruise while on Self Drive vacation.

Uganda has four Main Destinations for Boat cruise as Uganda Car Rental identified them during their adventure to discover what Uganda has to offer to independent Travelers like Lake Bunyonyi Boat was ranked the best as the boat ride takes you around the beautiful island found on lake Bunyonyi the 2 rd Deepest  in Africa. With Nice Accommodations on some islands, River Nile boat cruise ranked as the second destination after river Nile being known as the longest river in Africa, it has different destinations for boat cruise like in Jinja and Murchison Falls national park and the queen Elizabeth National Park. All Boat cruises range from 30 $$-40 $$ irrespective of the Destination you have decided to Enjoy the cruise from.

Where is Game drives done in Uganda

Game Drives are done in all Uganda Wildlife National Parks and Game reserves. Game drives are divided into three types the Early Morning game drive that always starts early in  the morning like at 6:00am to around 10:00am when you return to the lodge for break fast and relaxation. Evening Game Drives that always begin at around 3:00pm up to 6:40 pm while the independent travelers are on the search for the wild Animals, Night Game drives that are only done at night in the few National Parks and its must that you should be having a park Ranger and the car must be having Spot Lights to ensure that you can see very clear, they always charge extra Money for Night Game Drives.

Don’t Miss the visit to Kidepo National park which is ranked as the Best destination for all Game Drives.

Where is Cultural Experience enjoyed most

Uganda Car Rental ranked the visit to the IK tribe that is found in Kidepo National Park and the cultural with those people is worth understanding the true African practices. Another tribe to be visit is the Batwa tribe found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park all located south Western Uganda and they can be done after Gorilla Trekking. To encounter these true experience you will require to have the hiking skills as they are located in mountainous areas.

How can I Book Lodges/ Campsites

For Safari lodges you need to make advance booking and payment may be done at arrival depending on the Hotel Policy .Uganda Car Rental offer Free Lodges and hotel Booking for its clients to be able to enjoy the discounted price quotes for Tour Operators. Secure your hotels and lodges at very discounted price. Uganda Car Rental is the right hotel booking agent that will help you to enjoy a self drive vacation.

For Campsite no need to book in advance provided you have all the camping gears provided by Uganda Car Rental.