Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari Park

Rent  a Car & Camping Gears to Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for Wildlife Safaris to View the tree Climbing Lions during the Game Drive, Boat Cruise on Self Drive Safari.

Queen Elizabeth national park along with Kyambura and Kigezi wildlife resource brings together the most diverse ecosystem in Africa. Thousands of hippos populate these water shores. Open Savannah dotted with acacia and euphobia trees provide habitat for leopards, elephants, lions, Uganda Safari kobs, in addition to big herds of buffaloes. The park also harbors primate species, ten in number which include chimpanzees and monkeys. Water bucks, giant forest hog, topi, hyenas, and crocodiles are among the many animals distinguished frequently in Queen Elizabeth national park.

There are several activities that are carried out in this national park which include the following;

  1. Bird watching
  2. Game drive
  3. Boat ride
  4. Village walks
  5. Plant and tree species
  6. Nature walks

This national park also boasts of several accommodation facilities that are very appeasing to any traveler and such facilities include;
Bush lodge
The Bush Lodge forms an excellent base for your safari activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lodge is built along ecological principals, the bandas designed and spaced in such a way to maximize privacy and enhance the safari aspect of the lodge. Surrounded by the National Park and bordering the Kazinga channel, the lodge has a truly unique setting. Animals literally roam in and out the camp and sounds of hippo’s and hyena’s complement their star lit dinners. At a great price quality ratio, The Bush Lodge finally offers a safari camp which is affordable and authentic. Expect a great outdoor safari atmosphere, a close to nature experience with excellent food and friendly service
Mweya Safari Lodge.
Mweya Safari Lodge offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Located on a peninsula within the heart of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mweya Safari Lodge is surrounded by the magical Rwenzori Mountains aptly described as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’.
To the east, lie the guardians of the birthplace of mankind, the Great Rift Valley hills, separated from the Mountains of the Moon by the meandering Kazinga Channel. Here the water flows endlessly into two giant lakes – Lake George and Lake Edward.
Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp
Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp is located in the Queen Elizabeth National Park area of western Uganda. This simple lodge is situated in village land just outside the northeast boundary of the reserve, close to the start of the Kyambura Gorge chimpanzee trail.
Simba Safari Camp
This comfortable budget safari accommodation is located right on the border of Queen Elizabeth National Park and just two kilometers from the Equator. Set on a hill, Simba Safari Camp offers spectacular views of Lake George, the Kazinga Channel and the savannah plains stretching across to the far horizon.
Simba Safari Camp is the perfect base for your safari. The Camp comprises comfortable and affordable guest rooms, dormitories and a well established campsite. A variety of meals and drinks are served in the restaurant with an adjacent bar and sitting area.
Other kinds of accommodations worthy mention that can provide good services to the visitors include;
Sandton Hotel
-Spring Resort HoteL

Queen Elizabeth is having a Variety of Camping Ground and its safe for Self Drive Option and Camping Safaris. Book a Car in Kampala and Drive to Queen For a wildlife Safari on self drive .

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