Honeymoon Holidays in Uganda

Lake Nabugabo is situated 20km East of Masaka. It is the lake that gives life to the Nabugabo Sand Beach. It was formed as a result of sand dunes resulting from strong winds. It is separated from Lake Victoria by a sand bar. The Lake covers an area of 22,000 hectares and lies 00°24 ‘S, 031°54’E. It is a shallow freshwater lake 8.2 km long by 5 km wide.

Lake Nabugabo beach is an ideal destination for Honeymooner, when you’re independent explorers then doesn’t miss the chance to explore the beauty of Lake Victoria from Masaka Side with a Self Drive Car Hire Service from Uganda Car Rental. There are very many Accommodations that will offer the best service for your stay in Uganda. Remember that a simple visit to Lake Nabugabo just outside Masaka is worth.

Nabugabo has a unique Biodiversity like beaches and other birding spots and sand beaches, Nabugabo is an important migratory stopover-destination for Migratory bird species – at times during the year, the site (listed as an Important Bird Area) holds more than 15% of the world’s population of the Blue Swallow and support five globally threatened and nearly threatened birds, fauna ecosystem consists of a wide variety of key animal Communities, hippopotamus and Sitatunga.

It’s advisable that you always carry local currency when visiting Nabugabo Beach.