Frequently Asked Questions about Uganda Car Rental Services.

Definition of Terms and Concepts as used at Uganda Car Rental.

Hirer: is the firm that is hiring the Car out (Uganda Car Rental)

Renter; the person that is hiring a car from Uganda Car Rental

Driver: is the person that has a driving license

Uganda Car Rental has designed the Frequently asked question by Car renter in Uganda while Renting a Car in Uganda for Self drive or Chauffeur driven Cars as it tries to answer the Question that Road Trips don’t always consider to answer,These Questions are related to the Insurance, Rates, Car Rental Policy,Damages, Break down of the Car.

I need advice regarding my trip and the routes I should take – can you assist?

Uganda Car Rental is among the leading Car hire firms in Uganda that have been offering Self drive in the East African Region. We have listed the best routes to guide the Independent Explorers in Uganda, Rwanda at the Moment but very soon we are combing that of Kenya and Tanzania . Find the Best Routes to adventure Uganda on private Guided Holiday.

Is Uganda Safe for Self Drive

Uganda is a land locked Country that is located in the heart of East Africa and is called the Pearl of Africa! Self Drive Safaris are popular type of Vacation Holidays that are always offered by Uganda Car Rental to Independent Explorers that wish to adventure Uganda. Self Drive Car Hire Services are Available.

What are the requirements of renting a car?

Driver must posses a valid driver’s license with at least 2 year of driving experience and Passport your his Home Country, The Company rents Cars to all Travelers that have the above Mentioned Documents and the company will require to have your photocopy of the above Documents for Security.

Do I Need an International Driving License

According to Uganda Traffic and road Safety Act, an International driving license is require for foreign residents to drive in Uganda. However the home driving license is also okay to drive on Ugandan Roads for 3 Months on which you will be required to secure a Local Drive License from Authority. In cases where your home driving license is not in English, you must obtain an international driver permit or an approved translation .

Are we Allowed to have Different Drivers/Co Drivers

At Uganda Car Rental its acceptable on condition that all of you have driving licenses and at the time of signing the agreement you notify the Company about all of being competent drivers and wishing to take the best self drive Experience in a different country on your visit.

Can I cross the border in this vehicle?

Yes. Uganda Car Rental only works in East African countries, You need to specify which countries you intend visiting as there are additional costs for cross border travel and this may also influence car fleet can be hired out in another country due to the country restrictions varying .Please Note Our fleets don’t cross to Congo, South Sudan. refers to the Terms of Rental.

What modes of the Car are Hired at Uganda Car Rental.

Uganda Car Rental has car rental fleets of Toyota Rav4, Land cruisers TZ and TX , GX, Omni Bus and Super Customs, Saloon Cars for Town Running . Toyota Rav 4 are classified into two Sections Short  2 Door with carrying capacity of 2 Tourists and simple Camping and Hand bags and Long  4 Door carries four Adults traveling with their Hand bags and Camping Gears , Land cruisers are up to a Maximum of 5 Paxs and with open Roof tops and All our Cars range from Model 1998 to 2004, For Omni bus and Super custom the carrying Capacity is Between 7 to 14 Seater .

Can A car Rented from Uganda Be driven in All East African Destinations.

All Cars from Uganda Car Rental are safe to be driven in all the East African Countries of Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda. Incase the Traveler wishes to Drive to another Country he/ she will be Liable to Buy the COMESA insurance and he has to notify the company in time to be granted all the paper work for Boarder Crossing. Uganda Car Rental Offers Car Hire in all the East African Countries on Self Drive.

What are the risks of renting and driving a private car?

As private cars are allowed to be use for rental, the insurance companies would not provide any coverage in event of an accident But Uganda Car Rental Fleets are Private Cars but Insured with UAP Insurance / Excel Insurance Company . Do take note that driving without a proper insurance is an offence, and if caught, the driver could face both fine and jail.

What is the Role of Ugandan Third Party Insurance

In Europe third Party Insurance  means  Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance provides cover or loss against someone else’s property. Third Party Property, Fire and Theft Car Insurance adds cover in the event of your vehicle being stolen or catching fire. But here in Africa that Insurance is only available to make sure that the Car paid the taxes to be able to use the Road. Incase the Car has an expired one just know that its a traffic offence according to Traffic and Road safety Act Uganda 1998. Take it serious upon you to check for it before hiring the Car.

What Kind of Insurance is Included on Fleets rented from Uganda Car Rental.

All Fleets hired from Uganda Car Rental have Comprehensive Insurance from Excel Insurance Company and UAP Insurance company. The Comprehensive Insurance of the Fleets covers Theft,Accidents and Fire.

What does the car rental rate cover?

Uganda Car Rental Rates for the Fleets covers are counted on 24 Hour Basis System . Example: If the car was collected at 12pm today, it has to be return at 12pm the next day and incase you exceed the company may charge you depending on the extra Hours driven and it will charge USD 8 Per Extra Hour.

Whats the time of Driving.

According the Car Rental Agreement of Uganda Car Rental, the Car is supposed to start being on Road at 6:00 Am and the Car must stop being driven on Road at 7:00Pm. Incase of an Accident the Renter will be responsible 100% for all the Damages as the Insurance uses the same Agreement to Compensate, Unless the Renter informed the Office that he /she may wish to extend the driving time, your obligated to Call the Company: +256789741049. If found driving passed the time he/ she may be fined according to the company Policy.

What if I need to extend the rental period?

The Renter will have to inform Uganda Car Rental of such intention immediately through Phone Call At +256789741049 or Email US

What if I am unable to return the car on time?

Uganda Car Rental is aware of Traffic Jam in Kampala and your obligated to inform the company about your delay to drop the car otherwise they may charge you for Every excess hour will be charged at 8 Dollars Per Hours. However it is up to Uganda Car Rental discretion to accept the delay.

Do I need to refill the petrol tank?

The Renter should refill the petrol tank to the same level as when he/she collected the vehicle. If the tank is not refuel to the same level, the cost of petrol will be charged, Here at Uganda Car Rental there are fleets that come with full tank like the land cruiser for Camp van and you expected to return it full tank.

Does the Car Come with GPS Navigation System.

Uganda Car Rental fleets don’t have in built GPS but they hire out GPS that are of two types , Garmin with a mark from Track4Africa and TOM Tom GPS. All our GPS systems contain East African Maps and you wont be disappointed when you hire a GPS as you wont Get lost in the Uganda National parks and Reserves . Discounted Price is available for Travelers in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, Kenya. Long Renters attract free A GPS ( 10-20 Days) .

What if the vehicle is involved in an accident?

The Renter must report all accidents to Uganda Car Rental immediately and even notify the Uganda Police Force within the Area of Accident, The Police will prepare a statement and give the Renter a letter to enable him/ her proceed with the Safari, Incase the Car has got damages, the company will provide a replacement car as reflected in the Car Rental Agreement . In situations where the Renter was in blench of the driving conditions like driving under the influence of Alcohol, Drugs and Excess speeding which may lead to Car Rolling , the Renter will be responsible for all the damages Insurance wont Work to save you on that mess.Read the Car Rental Agreement.

What is the Driving Speed for All Uganda Car Rental Fleets

According to the Traffic and Road Safety Act the maximum driving Speed on Highways is 80 km/hr and in busy centers its 50km/hr, Follow the sign posts for Speed along the road . Renters that intend to use / hire Cars from Uganda Car Rental are expected to obey this rule or they will be fined by the Uganda Traffics Police and the Company will not be Reliable.

What if the vehicle breaks down?

Its Un usual for Cars to break down but it might occur in an expected time so the Renter will notify the company and due to the fact that the company has different car repair services in different parts of the country, we shall send the mechanics to repair it and incase the car is beyond repair the company will send you another car within 24 Hours. Call the 24/7 Emergency Support Service. All Replacement Cars come from Kampala Uganda Head Offices and During the Break down time NO Refund Shall be given to the Renter for the time wasted or Activity  Missed .  Find more details in the car Rental Agreement. Please note that punctured tires, empty petrol tank, flat battery, loss of car key or key locked inside of vehicle does not constitute a breakdown.

Are there Road Tolls in Uganda or East African Countries.

All Ugandan Roads are the duty of Uganda National Roads Authority to be Maintained , As per the current status in Uganda we don’t have nay Pay toll . All Road users don’t pay any thing and they enjoy equal rights and Benefits.

Whom should i Give a Way in Uganda/ East African Countries.

When Driving in Uganda roads there are certain situations when you should give a way for the following user like the President of Uganda, Ambulance and Bullion Cars( Cars Carrying Money).

What if I receive a parking fine?

At Uganda Car Rental the Renter is responsible for all the parking stickers that are issued in his presence at the time of hire unless some previous Renter never paid for the sticker then the company can be responsible for that debt. Call the head Office at +256789741049.

What are the Payment Terms.

Uganda Car Rental accepts payment by Cash of Full Amount at the time of Picking up the Car at the office or Airport. No Need to pay deposit on the Car Rental deal that you have secured with Uganda Car Rental but it will require you to make full payment at the start of the rental. we Accept Payment by Telegraphic Transfers and Credit cards for those taking Car and Drive.

Encourage drivers to drive in a safe and serious manner. Complain to them in a friendly way, if they drive dangerously, you see them drinking alcohol, or they let an unqualified helper drive.  Better to lose the money you  have paid for the trip than to lose your life.
Once again Uganda Car Rental wishes you a nice stay and travel in Uganda.

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