Honeymoon Holidays in Uganda

Source of the Nile

River Nile is the longest River in Africa and its source is found in jinja District located in Busoga region. Jinja is commonly regarded as “the adventure capital of East Africa” due to the many tourist activities in town.

River Nile is well known to be the longest river in the world. Its source starts right from Jinja Uganda, some people may be wondering how the name Nile come about. It’s a famous Greek word simply meaning valley. The river starts from the Northeastern part of Africa. It flows from the surrounding areas close to the equator to the outrageous Safari desert and up to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The river is about 6696km long and pours its water to over nine countries although it’s more centered to Uganda as well as Egypt. Countries include Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire and Ethiopia.

The Tourists Activities to be done in Jinja Town, water rafting, bungee jumping, Kayaking, boat rides as well as fishing

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