Kampala Back Packers

Kampala Backpackers Hostel is just 2km from the city centre with easy access to public transport within kampala. The hostel features a beautifully landscaped three acre compound and gardens, huge bar area, internet cafe, restaurant, verandahs overlooking the campsite, fourteen double rooms, five single rooms, seven dormitories with a total of 56 dorm beds and the spacious campground with basic cooking facilities and camp refrigerator.
Backpackers Hostel is the perfect place for anyone on the backpackers circuit that is stopping in Kampala. The atmosphere is colorful and friendly, and many people go out at night to party. The noise doesn’t stop others from going to bed early, as the rooms are far enough away from the commotion. Fast Wi-Fi is available, provided there is enough sun to power the solar panels, and for East Africa it is quite fast.
The Location
Set on a three-acre property, Backpackers Hostel is located about two kilometers outside of the city center. There are minibuses that pass by, boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) are frequent, and walking is always an option if you have the time. Within a ten-minute walk, you can find local street food (try the rolex), small grocery stores, and delicious local restaurants. The property is walled in and there is a security guard at the front.
Rooms and Bathrooms
Camping is available, allowing travelers to pitch their tents in their large yard. Dorm rooms are available, along with single rooms, and bandas. For those without their own room, lockers are available to secure their belongings. Mosquito nets are also provided, along with toilet paper in the bathrooms. There is hot water available, but it shuts off at night, so make sure you shower before 8 p.m. The bathrooms could use a little bit of maintenance, but overall they are in good condition. Another plus is that Backpackers Hostel is very accommodating to over landers, with plenty of places to park on their large property.
Common Spaces
The hostel has a few large common areas that encourage visitors to sit around and socialize. There are outside and inside areas with long tables, booths, bar stools, couches, and a variety of other ways to lounge around and chat with new friends. A bar is available serving beer and water at a reasonable price, and they also serve pretty good food for a fair price. The place is large enough that if you want privacy, it’s easy enough to wander off and find a spot of your own.


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