Honeymoon Holidays in Uganda

Bubembe Island

Bubembe Island is a 9-hour steamer trip from Port Bell, or 45 minutes by the local ferry from Bukakata. From Buggala Island it is a 3-hour boat ride to Bukasa Island or 2 hours to Bubembe. Banda Island, another of the Ssese group is also 3 hours by boat from Buggala.

Bubembe Island is an island in Lake Victoria inside the country of Uganda. The islands belong to the Kalangala District, and lie in the north-western section of Lake Victoria. Many of the 84 islands are uninhabited except for a few fishermen, so the forests and swamps which abound around some of the coasts make the islands a perfect habitat for birds. It should be easy to spot the whale-headed Stork and the many herons and geese, but more exclusive birds include the Grey Parrot, kingfishers and Fish Eagles. The virtually virgin land is rich in plant life, and many, of the species are reportedly new to botanists

Culture at the Island, Life on the islands is simple, the people welcoming. Life centres on the religion, the fishing boats and the trading centres. In the religion of the Buganda people, Bubembe Island is the home of the temple of Mukasa.

Wildlife, The wildlife on the Islands includes hippo and crocodile, found near the shores, and waterbuck roam freely, as does the shy Sitatunga antelope.

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