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Masaka District is a district in Central Uganda, situated about 37 kms away from the equator towards the south with an average altitude of 1150m above sea level.

Its main town is Masaka, whose estimated population in 2011 was 74,100. It is bordered by Bukomansimbi District to the northwest, Kalungu District to the north, Kalangala District to the east and south, Rakai District to the southwest and Lwengo District to the west.

Masaka was Uganda’s second biggest town for a long time; today this status has changed as it was largely destroyed in the liberation war of 1979 and again in the 1981-1986 civil war which removed Obote 2 from power.

So Masaka District is one of the districts in Uganda, which has suffered the terror of bad governance, epidemics and total collapse of the service delivery system.

The district has a rich cultural heritage. It has also a diversity of ethnicities of about 40 ethnic groups though the majority of the people are Baganda followed by the Banyankole, Banyarwanda and Banyoro.

But most of the tribes practice Buganda culture. The main language spoken is Luganda and the staple food of the area is Matooke.

The major economic activities in Masaka include food crop agriculture for example matooke, sweetpotatoes, pineapples, and tomatoes. Cash crop agriculture including coffee and cotton, Animal Ranching consisting of cattle, goats, pigs and chicken.

Further more there is also fishing on Lake Victoria and fishing farming. Some people earn a living in small scale industries like Coffee processing, manufacture of soft drinks, metal fabrication/welding and Retail trade.masaka’s main attraction is the equator which is found at kayabwe enroute to masaka town.

Distance between masaka and kampala
The Distance between Masaka and Kampala is: 117.75 kilometers (km).The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be around 135.41 km to 147.19 km

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