Road Trip to Jinja & Mbale Uganda

Road Trip to Jinja and Mbale Uganda, Uganda Safaris & Self Drive Tours

The Road Trip to Jinja and Mbale takes you to the remarkable Jinja Town in Uganda to experience White Water Rafting Route 9-Kampala-Jinja-Mbale

With this kind of route, one has the chance of going for mountaineering on Mount Elgon.This route begins from Kampala in the Eastern part of the country through Jinja town. You will see several attractions on your way like Mabira forest, sugar cane plantain and Owen falls dam. You will pass through this town and proceed to Mbale district which is the home to Mt Elgon-the 2nd highest mountain in the country. You will climb to the highest peak on this mountain called Wagagai.Go for a nature walk and also view several birds here.

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