lake Mburo Wildlife Safari Park

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Lake Mburo National Park

The 370 sq km lake Mburo national park is an increasingly common stop on the safari circuit since it is the only place in southern Uganda to see zebra. It’s also the only park in the country with impala, slender mongoose, giant bush rat and leopards. Furthermore, some excellent news is that a family of lions has returned to the park after being absent for more than a decade. Some of the 325 species of birds include martial eagle and red faced barbet in the acacia wooden savanna and papyrus yellow warbler and African fin foot in the wetlands.
Boat trip
Animals are most abundant in the south in the dry season and north east in the wet season. You can also take a boat trip on Lake Mburo, the biggest among the five lakes found in the park, for something a bit more close and personal with the hippos, crocodiles and water birds.
Nature walks
Lake Mburo has good nature walks particularly in the morning hyena walk. The other popular pedestrian destination is an observation blind overlooking a salt lick. Both walks take two hours.

Several activities are carried out in this national park which include the following;

  1. Game drive
  2. Bird watching
  3. Boat ride
  4. Plant species
  5. Nature walks
  6. Village tours

Lake Mburo national park has a lot of accommodations that live an appreciation face on to every traveler and such facilities include;

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge
Situated in Lake Mburo national park in Kiruhura District, it is said to be one of the most enchanting places in Uganda, the location of this lodge is better than any other in the Lake Mburo national park area; the views are simply breathtaking.

Your stay is in the most luxurious thatched cottages set in private environment each with its own sundown veranda looking out over the park below. The rooms are stunning with handcrafted huge beds, showers and vast sunken baths.
During safari drives you will have the opportunity of taking exceptional photographs of the fascinating creatures that live in this park.

Mburo Safari Lodge offers luxury, a warm and vibrant atmosphere, exquisite design very good quality accommodation of exceptional close wildlife encounters, personal service, delicious meals and its true African hospitality echo through the style and flavour of each and every one.
Enjoy exceptional game viewing of the mosaic habitat: dry hillside, rocky outcrops, bushes, thickets, open and wooded savannahs, forests, lakes and swamps that are a home to a surprising diversity of plants and animals from this hideaway.

Lake Mburo camp
Lake Mburo Camp is ideally situated within Lake Mburo National Park set in a commanding position on the side of Rwamahungu hill, overlooking Lake Mburo and its surrounding eco-systems, it is a peaceful area with great views of the lake and surrounding country. Lake Mburo is a convenient and enjoyable halfway point on the long drive between Entebbe/Kampala and Bwindi.

A small and intimate luxury camp, in a beautiful setting with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of plains game, it is an ideal place to enjoy the African wilderness and to start or finish a safari to Uganda.

Fitting perfectly with the environment, the luxurious and spacious tents on wooden decks with their large bedrooms, en-suite facilities and verandahs overlooking the lake and valley are complemented by a luxurious sitting room, bar and dining area.

The area around the lodge and tents is host to many resident zebra, warthogs, water buck, impala, buffalo, civet cats and prolific bird life. An ideal place to relax with a cold drink after a hot and dusty game drive, a walking trip or a visit to the lake with its various activities.

Rwonyo Rest Camp
Rwonyo Rest Camp is a budget facility located in Lake Mburo National Park. It is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. This camp was constructed using local materials such as thatched grass plus wood to offer you a true African experience. Various Wild animals move around this camp giving guests an opportunity to see them without embarking on game rides.

This camp comprises of bandas plus tented rooms which are properly furnished. These bandas are built in form of wooden hats and have shared showers while the tented rooms are built on elevated wooden platforms and have private showers. In other words staying within a tent is more comfortable though more costly compared to bandas. You will find a camp ground in which you can pitch your own tent.Rwonyo Rest camp is an ideal option for perfect place for all budget travelers, do not forget to bring along your tent in case you opt to camp.

Mihingo Lodge
Mihingo Lodge is a peaceful and exclusive retreat adjacent to Lake Mburo National Park. It features ten rooms which are built on wooden platforms with stilts, covered by a thatched roof. Suspended under the thatched roof is a spacious and comfortable tent equipped with en-suite bathrooms with stunning views, including hot and cold running water, showers, and flush loos.

Each luxury tented room is nestled on a private piece of the lodge’s property, enabling guests to enjoy the tranquil environment in complete seclusion. Placed in varied settings, some rooms are situated in a forest, some with a lake view, and some on rocky outcrops.

The main dining area is a large thatched structure built of rocks, the wood of dead weathered olive trees found on the land, and native grasses. Below the dining area, an infinity swimming pool stretches out from the rocks and seems to disappear into the vast landscape beyond. From the dining and pool area, guests can enjoy the view of a westward oriented valley and its stunning evening sunsets over Lake Mburo National Park.
Other accommodations worthy mention that are also found in lake Mburo national park are;
-Arcadia Cottages
-Mantana Tented Camp. Lake Mburo National Park is Safe for Self driving Holidays in Uganda and Just book any Car Rental Fleets from Uganda Car Rental and drive to Lake Mburo for better Relaxation at the Park

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