Honeymoon Holidays in Uganda

Sezibwa Falls

The Sezibwa Falls are approximately 20 miles (32 km), east of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, along the Kampala-Jinja Highway. The site is a Buganda Heritage Site. It is marked with an out-span of sharp-edged rocks and the magnificent sound of soothing waters flowing down the steep ridged stones. The Falls are located in Mukono District.

According to traditional legend, the two rivers named Sezibwa and its brother Bwanda, were born by a woman on her way to Kavuma Bukunja. The woman, Nakkungu Tebatuusa, whose husband was called Nsubuga Sebwaato, gave birth to twins in form of water, whereupon Sezibwa flowed west, passing many obstacles and deriving its name, while Bwanda flowed east, toward Nyenga. Many people come to the place for miracles as they believe the site has supernatural powers.

Self Drive Travelers explore this fall on one Day vacation, Honey moon Overnights can be prepared at this site as there is Safari Lodge.

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