4×4 Car Hire in Uganda : Self drive Rental

4X4 rental with two rooftop tents,camping equipment, car hire, Uganda Kenya,Tanzania car rental is the best way to explore the 10 national parks of Uganda with the freedom of sleeping any where in the wilderness of Africa.

You can come to us for a reliable and cheap 4×4 rental car with rooftop tents for family and couple travelers. Most 4×4 cars on offer are available both with and without camping gear for 2 to 4 or 5 people. Apart from cars and tents, we also offer 4×4 campers, like the TRAX and Bush camper.

Car hire in Uganda is more affordable now than it used to be before 2008 when Uganda car Rental started to offer Car Hire in 2010 for self drive travelers or car Rental with Driver.

The sudden increase in the general prices of newly imported cars into the country coupled with the increase in taxes levied onto these vehicles, has led to the increase in the rental prices of these cars and there is plenty of competition in the market. But how do you go about getting the best deal for your Uganda Car Hire?

How do you make sure you’re not renting a lemon and that the car you have booked will be there when you arrive? Here are a few tips from some Solo travelers:

Uganda Car Rental, we provide lots of free extras that will not only save you money on your car hire, but also on the tourist attractions you may wish to visit like we offer Cars that are having Ugandan Registered Number Plates and all these Cars pay 12 Dollars for Park Entrance in Uganda and in Rwanda they pay USD 25.

Unlike Rwandan registered vehicles that pay $25 USD to enter into any Rwandan national park and also pay a hefty $100 USD to enter any Ugandan national park. Thus saving a lot with Ugandan registered vehicles.

Insurance is an area that often causes confusion. All our rental rates include standard insurance with a $200 excess but this all clearly pops up as you go through the booking process.

Just make sure if you are comparing rates with another rental car company that this is just as clear so you’re not ‘sold’ other extras at the counter that you don’t need.

Driving in Uganda

Driving in Uganda can be very different to driving at home, Ugandan vehicles are right hand vehicles and we drive on the left-hand side of the road. The same case with Kenya, Tanzania except Rwanda whose vehicles are left handed and they drive on the right hand side of the road.

Some of Ugandan roads are narrow, windy and have loose gravel and it’s usual to see sheep or cattle on roads in rural areas. You need to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination and to understand Uganda road rules and signs.

Even if you have driven in other countries, it’s important to understand our rules for driving in Uganda before you get behind the wheel here. We’ve put together the key things to consider when planning your trip and as you make your journey around the country.

We’ve also suggested some great Ugandan driving routes to help with your planning.

Planning Your Trip

Planning a Self-Drive journey around Uganda? Here are a few things you’ll need to know before your Uganda driving holidays begin. Find the frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) and resourceful Information about Practical Driving Conditions.

  1. Plan to spend your first night in Uganda in your arrival city/ capital city to ensure you are rested after your flight.
  2. Driving in Uganda is permitted if you hold a current valid driving licence (in English). Any restrictions or conditions on your licence will continue to apply in Uganda, Please Always Carry photo Copy of the Licence.
  3. If your licence isn’t in English, you must obtain an international driver permit or an approved translation of your licence. You must also carry your original driver licence with you when driving in Uganda on an international driving permit.

Uganda is a small country, but driving times can often take longer than expected due to our winding roads. We recommend you ask the Experts about the Driving time between Locations while planning your trip, allowing additional time for rest stops.