Honeymoon Holidays in Uganda

Band Island

This island is one of the Top Islands that are found in the Lake Victoria and it’s among the Islands that make up ssese islands. Banda Island is a tiny, private owned island in the Ugandan part of Lake Victoria and not far from Kalangala. If you manage to get there, which is not too easy and you also manage to make friends with

Getting there & away various options are available depending on your budget. The Kasenyi option: The cheapest and most regular is to take a Sesse fishing canoe from Kasenyi landing site. For Self Drive Independent Travellers, Cars are always parked at the police Station before taking off the Boat to the Island.

Getting off your face as the sun goes down is an excellent way to end the day on Banda! In fact there was little else to do on Banda apart from getting of your face and eating excellent food. It’s been a long time now since I was on the island and the owner at the time Dom is no longer with us so hope that things now are as I remember it.

Honeymoon Self-drive Travellers don’t miss the chance to visit the Band Island.

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