Car Rental Rates in Uganda, SUVs, Toyota Rav4, Land Cruisers, Mini Vans

Uganda Car Rental features a variety of different Car Fleets at different Prices to favor all kinds of travel budgets of travelers from all over the globe. We are your  go-to Car Rental Agency for everyday budget friendly and quality car rentals.

Whether you’re trying to road trip on a budget or traveling on business venture, our reliable, efficient and effective car rental Services are available. Make a reservation and pick-up your Rental Car at any of our ideal locations nationwide, including airport locations.

Rav4 From US $45

Land Cruiser Extended from US $200

Land Cruiser 78 Series From US $75

5 Seater Family Jeep from US $150

Land Cruiser with Tent from US $120

Land Cruiser Prado with Roof Top Tent From US $85

Land Cruiser with Double Roof Top Tent from US $100

Nissan Patrol with Single Tent from US $80

9 Seater Min-van from US $95

Land Cruiser Hard Top with Tent from US $100

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