Camping Gear on Self Drive and Car Rental Safari in Uganda

Camping on Self-Drive Safaris

Renting a car for self-drive has been viewed as a way of cutting down the total cost of your entire safari. So this total cost can still go further down when combined with camping instead of residing in highly priced hotels and lodges.

It’s a popular choice for many travellers in East Africa to take Camping safaris as the best way to reduce on the budget, however whilst it may be free of charge, it’s not free of responsibility.

Many visitors come to Uganda to experience pure, clean and untouched environments. Uganda Car Rentals requests for Responsible camping which allows you to enjoy the landscape and surroundings in its purest form and its success depends on campers respecting and minimizing the impact on the area they are camping in.

Responsible camping basics

The basic rules are you must not camp on private property and in most cases; campers must have their own toilets, fresh water and waste systems. Leaving behind litter and human waste is not permitted or accepted at any location. Camping in prohibited areas and the illegal dumping of waste can result in hefty fines.

Personal security should also be considered. Whilst Uganda is a safe place compared to many other countries, be aware of your surroundings and think carefully before camping in secluded areas. Double check weather conditions and plan for unexpected events – always have plenty of supplies and if possible leave your details and travel plans with a contact.

Where can you go for responsible camping?

There are over 100 responsible camping locations in Uganda. Each National Park and Game Reserve has a camping Site; each camping Site has its own Rules and Regulations. In the Wild to find the Camping Site always Have a chat to the locals, call into a Visitor Information Centre or even a holiday park and the Experts of Uganda Car Rental to offer you the list of Camp Sites any specific Area of your Choice.

Uganda Car Rental Quote to Camping Solo Traveller “Take only memories leave nothing but footprints”. Just as noted above, Uganda car rental has put up some of the most enticing and thrilling routes that one ought to take in order to have a mouth-watering self-drive vacation in Uganda and below are the most striking ones;

  1. Tents
  2. Ground sheet or tarp
  3. Sleeping bags
  4. Pillows
  5. Mattress
  6. Folding chairs
  7. Camp stove
  8. Stove fuel
  9. Fuel funnel
  10. Water jug
  11. Water bottles
  12. Dishpan
  13. Bio-degradable dish
  14. Dish towels
  15. Dish cloth /Scrubber
  16. Paper towels
  17. Tablecloth
  18. Garbage bags
  19. Cooking pots and pans
  20. Large bowl
  21. Cutting board
  22. Spatula
  23. serving spoons
  24. Knives
  25. Can opener
  26. Grater
  27. Camp stove toaster
  28. Utensil set (spoon, knife, fork)
  29. Plate
  30. Cup/Mug Lighting
  31. Lantern
  32. Flashlights or headlamps (great for reading in bed at night)
  33. Extra batteries