Self Drive Safari for Big cat in Uganda

Self Drive Safari for Big cat in Uganda: Uganda Car rental

Among the top Self drive Safaris recommended to travelers in Uganda is the visit to the african Big five Cats found in Uganda’s National Parks of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls, Kidepo Valley national Park.

Africa is naturally blessed and gifted by nature, its uniqueness if never find any where else except only
on planet /continent Africa!!!, but before you choose to go to Africa there several preparations that one
needs to know before you go, what to pack, what’s the best time to visit Africa? Africa as Africa is known
for the big five safaris although other adventure activities supplement on to make the package more
complete and interesting.

The big cats at times are known as the big five, these animals include,Leopard, lion, Elephants, Buffalo and Rhino, these are among the animals which used to give hard time to African hunters who used to hunt on foot , these terms latter were adopted by African tour operators for marketing purposes. In Africa most of the major reasons as to why people visit Africa is about seeing the African continent , the most popular places to visit in Africa on safari are The krugar national park in south Africa ,Kenya,s Masai mala national park, Serengeti/Ngorongoro in Tanzania, Zambia and Okavango delta those are the most popular parks to be visited in Africa , how ever besides the wildlife safaris in Africa, there’s though other animals in the wilderness also contribute to make the holiday more juicey after seeing these incredible predators,

As responsible travelers who travel light its always good to know When to go/Best time to go, These are
various reasons which one can put up depending on the particular time of the year / holiday you wish to
go for, for example if one is going the wild beast migration, as you know that this normally takes place
from early June to late September and in march, so the migration will determine when you will take this
holiday and what to pack for such safari, and to know that some countries its better to know the season
that season influences many things in the destination, some months that are not too busy, you will find
accommodation cheap and pocket friendly while in high season most hotel tend to hike the prices of
accommodations due to high demand at times prices of some activities even go a bit high to act as price
discriminations since some people will be kicked out because they cant afford the price in most cases
the lions, lions live for agood number of years and they live entirely on meat so they are active both day
and night and they can hunt at any time of the year, in some parts of Tarangire and Ishasha, lions climb
trees as hunting techniques . lions hunt in groups and normally it’s the females that do the hunting,
males only come to feed on the already killed kill.

Among the big cats, they all live in competition for food in their natural habitat and by all means if a lion
spots the leopard first, it will kill the leopard to reduce competition in the eco system.
Those who want to see cats, are always take the early morning and night game drives. Weather
influnces the location of cats in particular is influenced by whether conditions, when its rainy season ,
cats tends to be very rarely seen and game drives becomes difficult due to less visibility and cats tends
to migrate to certain areas due to food availability in the jungle.

Hyna, hynas are in the family of the cats, though they are so much of very coward compared t other
cats, the only different is that hyena’s begin eating even if the kill is still alive while other cats target the
neck and after killing the kill they begin killing, Hyena’s live in the Dens , dens are dead beehives .
Jackals, Jackals are also in the cats family but these ones depend of rodents and small predictors , they
are associated with thin the savana regions in these parks.

Besides the hynas, we have the wild dongs, and fox these are found in Namibia and Botswana and some
areas within Masai mala and Serengeti, these dogs hunt in large groups and they always share equally in

case theres akil, while youre on any of the African road safaris don’t miss out to see primates sections
across ugandas parks, to make your African safari areas. African parks has been gaining a reputation as
the go-to place for spotting African big cats.

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